Josh Goldstein
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Traversing the streets of New York on my bike, camera always in tow, I am endlessly fascinated by the density, decay, and diversity of the city. My artwork explores the sometimes murky boundary between the mundane and the sublime that I encounter on these rides. By juxtaposing Chinese take-out menus, old bodegas, street regulation signs, graffiti tags, and other urban ephemera, I aim to recontextualize the banalities of city life through my salvaged plywood constructions.

– Josh Goldstein


manhole covers L.E.S. tenement doors construction sites shuttered storefronts Chinese take-out menus Coney Island snack bars rooftop pigeon coops Brooklyn roofscapes mango ladies Chinatown buses car stereos blasting bachata Roosevelt Avenue Cross-Bronx Expressway Senegalese knock-off watch hawkers subway musicians Canal Street view of Brooklyn and Manhattan from Kosciuszko Bridge Bomb Squad Beats Fulton Street potholes Chinatown rooftop graffiti Sunset Park helado vendors the 7 train Hassidic message boards Bensonhurst's 86th Street West Indian hot sauces dollar vans kebob carts bodegas scratchiti wheat paste posters stop sign stickers newstands Redhook ballfield food vendors rush hour delivery trucks delivery bikes hustlers Russian street-side bakeries Times Square empty lots really ugly buildings sweat dope sneakers roti shops the Cage guys playing pick-up basketball in street clothes community gardens grabbing a slice underground food courts in Flushing cab drivers Spanish Harlem P.S. 261 steamy summer days in Brooklyn day laborers on McDonald Avenue the fountain in Washington Square when there is no water in it black outs lunch carts off of 6th Ave. in midtown B&H Photo REVS paan windows of Jackson Heights Urdu newspapers chino latino Mermaid Parade Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Habana Outpost sari shops on Liberty Avenue