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Education : BAAP (Brooklyn Arts Apprentice Program)

After-School Programs

From 2008-2011, I taught after-school programs at PS 261. Below are program descriptions. Please contact me for more details.

Exploding Art Apprentice Program: Start with iconic Brooklyn images from bodegas, Coney Island, or Chinese take-out signs; shred, twist, and contort them beyond recognition and mount them onto salvaged wood blocks, and then the fun begins. Each day we will use different materials and textures to collage on top of the reconstructed image, using materials as diverse as Bengali and Yiddish newspapers, take-out menus, graffiti, Goya packaging and chopstick wrappers. Each student will repeat this process several times, completing 4 or 5 individual pieces. The final step will be for each student to combine his or her pieces together into a single sculptural work of indigenous New York City art.

Exploding Maps Apprentice Program: Start with a map of your 'hood. Collage it, tag it, distort it – make it yours. If there's a corner near you that always smells like ribs, I want your map to smell like ribs, or at least make people think of ribs. By the end of the process your map will be a vibrant, frenetic portrait of the place where you live, and an invitation to others to come explore its hidden treasures.

See what the 2nd and 3rd grade art apprentices made in the Fall 2010 program:

art apprentice portrait of zip mills
Portrait of Principal Zip Mills, 2010, photographic collage on cardboard, 48"x36", collection of PS 261.

See some work from the Spring 2009 program:


Through the Brooklyn Artsmith Collective, I helped orchestrate a very successful fundraiser for PS 261 in downtown Brooklyn in April 2009. I worked with the students to create intense collage on wood which was then auctioned at a fundraising event at Galapagos Art Space. Please contact me for more information about fundraising. See student work below as well as video of the event.

Photos by Heather Weston

PS 261 Artsmith Fundraiser Video by Gerald Piper

I did the piece below with a group of 6th, 7th and 8th graders from a Middle School in Jamaica, Queens.  As you can see, they did an amazing job.  At first they were not at all excited about ripping up pieces of paper for collage, but once they warmed up to the idea I was really inspired by their ability to create without thinking too much about the end result.

Untitled (2009), collage on assorted salvaged plywood and lumber, 50"x52", Enact Headquarters, New York, NY