Artist Statement


Josh GoldsteinTraversing the streets of New York on my bike, camera always in tow, I am endlessly fascinated by the density, decay, and diversity of the city. My artwork explores the sometimes murky boundary between the mundane and the sublime that I encounter on these rides. By juxtaposing Chinese take-out menus, old bodegas, street regulation signs, graffiti tags, and other urban ephemera, I aim to recontextualize the banalities of city life through my salvaged plywood constructions.

– Josh Goldstein


manhole covers * L.E.S. * tenement  doors * construction sites * shuttered storefronts * Chinese take-out  menus * Coney Island snack bars * rooftop pigeon coops * Brooklyn roofscapes * mango ladies * Chinatown buses * car stereos blasting bachata * Roosevelt Avenue * Cross-Bronx Expressway * Senegalese knock-off watch hawkers * subway musicians * Canal Street * view of Brooklyn and Manhattan from Kosciuszko Bridge * Bomb Squad Beats* Fulton Street potholes * Chinatown rooftop graffiti * Sunset Park helado vendors * the 7 train * Hassidic message boards * Bensonhurst’s 86th Street * West Indian hot sauces * dollar vans * kebob carts * bodegas * scratchiti * wheat paste posters * stop sign stickers * newstands * Redhook ballfield food vendors * rush hour * delivery trucks * delivery bikes * hustlers * Russian street-side bakeries * Times Square empty lots * really ugly buildings * sweat * dope sneakers * roti shops * the Cage guys playing pick-up basketball in street clothes * community gardens * grabbing a slice * underground food courts in Flushing * cab drivers * Spanish Harlem * P.S. 261 * steamy summer days in Brooklyn * day laborers on McDonald Avenue * the fountain in Washington Square when there is no water in it * black outs * lunch carts off of 6th Ave. in midtown * B&H Photo * REVS * paan windows of Jackson Heights * Urdu newspapers * chino latino * Mermaid Parade * Shakespeare in the Parking Lot * Habana Outpost * sari shops on Liberty Avenue